High Company

Why Work for a Local Company Like High

To be part of something big

Family-owned High is one of the largest and best employers in Central Pennsylvania with 11 companies in diverse businesses from steel and precast concrete fabrication, design and construction, distribution, and real estate, to hospitality and consulting. A leader in its markets, High has earned a reputation for meeting challenges and exceeding expectations and offering great local job opportunities for younger and older professionals. 

High Companies count a years-long footprint in cutting-edge projects that emphasize a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. We take immense pride in everything our diligent teams have accomplished by using as a compass the values of ingenuity and community awareness. By cultivating an environment that puts front and center the personal and professional fulfillment of our employees and customers, we expect to grow our sectors further and continue to offer the best job opportunities in PA.

An infographic stating that High co-workers average 10 years of service.

“I feel like the core values of High are consistent with my personal beliefs.”
– Gary H., High Steel Service Center LLC

To find your purpose

High offers pathways for your career growth and for sharpening your skillset within and across the High companiesYou can excel in a team environment where everyone knows and supports one another, with tools to help you grow. Whether you’re seasoned or looking for your first job, you will find common cause with co-workers who value dignityhonest hard work, and of course fun! 

Some of the key pillars of our organization’s success are deeply rooted in advocating for employee wellbeing and prosperity. Furthermore, we contribute to educational enhancement and provide unmatched benefits that revolve around financial stability and great rewards. The High Philosophy is first and foremost defined by the people that go above and beyond to accentuate our values and achievements. Without our employees’ unified vision, passion, and enthusiasm to improve our communities, we wouldn’t have been able to innovate and drive impactful change.

For your personal and family needs

Benefits and Work Perks

For your personal growth

Continuing Education

“Knowing that you have the power to make certain decisions and management will stand behind you regardless—it’s a really good feeling to have.”
– Melissa B., High Hotels Ltd.

To do what you’re called to do

With deep roots in Lancaster, Pa.High and the nonprofit High Foundation invest in programs and projects that support people in their paths to personal stability. High leaders volunteer in nearly 200 nonprofit roles and encourage you to pursue your passion for improving people’s lives.  

High Foundation’s purpose is to diminish poverty and enable meaningful social change through various grant programs. This unparalleled impact of philanthropic activity can be the next step in your career that catapults you as a steward of systemic change in education, housing, transportation, healthcare, finance, nutrition, and other community sectors.

An child demonstrates weld test equipment as an instructor and other children look on.

Let’s get started

Become a contributor and establish the road to your professional success and personal welfare. View our open positions and complete an application. If you don’t see something that fits your interests, please drop us a line. We are always looking for talented people and would love to get in touch. Our core belief is that our people form the bedrock of our success, and we commend their efforts with respect and dignity. Contact us to work locally today!