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High engineers tackle some of America’s largest and most recognizable bridges and buildings. As an evolving company in Lancaster, PA, and beyond, we train our teams to implement long-term and realistic solutions for our clients effectively. You will combine technical agility, environmental awareness, safety protocols, and a forward-thinking mindset as the guiding principles of your work. You’ll work with the concepts, drawings, and teams that bring these iconic projects to life. Join us, and we’ll look to you to take us further.

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To build the structures that shape our world, we first get an understanding of costs and materials so that our clients can succeed. Our estimating jobs focus on setting the groundwork for efficiently managing the production process. This profession requires constant communication and familiarity with estimating software to coordinate proposals and contracts with the sales team. With a deep knowledge of our products and processes, you can help our clients achieve their ambitions.

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Blueprint Review


Award-winning guest experiences start with Marriott- and Hilton-brand select-service and extended-stay hotels developed, owned and operated by High. Along with choosing brands that reflect exceptional customer trust and satisfaction, High also ensures that guests are treated with the best service, which translates to long-lasting relationships with our guests. If you love welcoming people and making them comfortable, our diverse teams are ready for you to join our mid-Atlantic properties. All our team members working in our hotels share the common goal of constantly refining guest experiences and establishing High Hotels as the gold standard of exceptional service.

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Planning, organizing, and directing operations, and constantly finding new ways to improve, is a hallmark of High businesses. Operations management encompasses production efficiency, profit maximization, effective utilization of resources, and many other significant steps that lead to more attainable business objectives. Working towards these goals requires a strong employee base that understands internal and external market factors and can identify ways to streamline the process. At High, you will be part of a team that keeps our businesses running smoothly. Team building exercises are also a key part of our robust employee training and education programs.

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Today’s production environment is growing ever more sophisticated. The production resources are the building blocks of a company’s success, and they must be working together to ensure economic growth. For High to stay ahead, we rely on production team members whose skills are diverse and whose focus on safety is unparalleled. Join High and get your hands on world-class work that underpins quality, safety, and great outcomes.

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Project Management

Project management is the overall administration of projects, including permitting, financial receivables and payables, owner contracts and subcontracts, and coordination with subcontractors, utility companies, and others. At High, our project managers keep all project aspects in check, ensure deliverables are performed on time and evaluate the budget and scope of work for the best results. You can be one of the professionals whose work helps realize the vision.

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Real Estate

High owns and manages nearly nine million square feet of assets throughout the East Coast, including commercial/industrial, apartment communities, hotel, and retail centers. Areas of work include brokerage, development, design and construction services, facility management, property management, and environmental health and safety. The High Real Estate team helps our clients attain their business goals through well-structured, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing facilities and a personal touch rooted in customer intimacy..

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A group of executives celebrates a groundbreaking by scooping a shovelful of earth.