High Company


High philanthropic activities align to increase impact

The High Companies and High Foundation have a long tradition of contributing to Central Pennsylvania and the communities in which we do business. Corporate giving, donation of time and talent from High co-workers, and the generosity of the High Family, together invest in agencies that provide vital support and services to individuals and families.

To increase the impact of these philanthropic activities, High Companies and High Foundation are aligned with a common goal to support people in their paths to personal stability—a Bridge to Opportunity.

High Companies' strategic focus areas

Beyond those areas above, we will continue to maintain a significant amount of broad support across many areas that connect with specific community needs and co-worker interests.

Focus area of High Foundation

  • Eliminate poverty by supporting organizations focused on systemic change
  • Contribute capital gifts to nonpolitical nonprofit organizations in
      - Education
      - Social services
      - Cultural enrichment
  • Invest in projects and organizations that improve Lancaster City's aesthetics, culture and art, and in projects that lead to economic vibrancy

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